Dricore Contractor Rewards

FREE $25 Gift Card for Every 100 Panels Purchased!


how it works?

If you are a CONTRACTOR that purchases DRICORE you have the opportunity to earn a FREE $25 gift card for every 100 panels that you purchase from your Home Improvement Retailer. Here is what you have to do:

  • 1. You must be a contractor to join
  • 2. Sign up below to join the program
  • 3. Purchase DRICORE Subfloor products
  • 4. Take a picture of your receipt (for all purchases)
  • 5. Email us one or multiple receipts that exceed 100 panels purchased to: Rewards@agtproductsinc.com


  • 100 panels = $25 Gift Card
  • 200 panels = $50 Gift Card
  • 300 panels = $75 Gift Card
  • 400 panels = $100 Gift Card

Note: We will accept single or multiple receipts totaling 100 or more DRICORE panels purchased. Continue to mail in new receipts as often as you want. All reward gift cards will be sent within 4 weeks of the date received and will be issued for the retailer where a majority of the panels were purchased. Each receipt will be tracked in our database and is to only be submitted once. DRICORE is not responsible for lost or misdirected mail.

subfloor panel

Enjoy our Fall Promotion

For the month of September and October 2019, we are giving to our members the double of the discount which meansĀ for every 100 Subfloor panels purchased you will get a $50 Gift Card from the retailer of purchase.

How to earn more gift cards

1. Recommend DRICORE to your customers when quoting on basement renovations

2. Support the sale of DRICORE by knowing the features and benefits of the product

3. Continue to submit your receipts for rewards

4. Call our customer support line anytime with questions on the product or installation

a. Web: www.dricore.com

b. Email: Rewards@agtproductsinc.com

c. Phone: 1-866-767-6374

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