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Rplus Faq

Frequently asked questions

Why do I need a DRICORE Subfloor R+

DRICORE Subfloor R+ panels keep your basement comfortable and cozy throughout the entire year. The air gap encourages constant air flow and evaporation/re-absorption of surface moisture emitted from your basement concrete floor.

Can I install DRICORE Subfloor R+ on my own?

Yes, the easy-to-handle, 7/8" x 23.5" x 23.5" panels are configured with a tapered tongue and groove edge making panel assembly fast and easy. Panels cut quickly with a circular saw, jigsaw, or hand saw.

How many panels will I need?

Estimating is easy. The total square footage of your room divided by 3.3 equals the number of panels you need. This factor includes an allowance for normal wastage and cutting around obstacles and pipes. To calculate how many panels you need

What is the diference between regular DRICORE Subfloor and R+?

DRICORE Subfloor R+ is specifically designed to insulate your basement. With an R-value of 3, R+ will significantly improve the warmth and comfort of your new living space, while providing all the traditional benefits that DRICORE Subfloor is known for.

What tools are required?

Safety glasses, work gloves, pencil, measuring tape, carpenters square, circular saw and/or jig saw, level, hammer or rubber mallet, chalk line, taping block and pry bar are the basic tools that help to install DRICORE subfloor panels quickly.

Please note: For protection against airborne dust particles, it is recommended to use a certified dust mask when cutting panels.

What floor coverings can be installed over DRICORE subfloor panels?

Carpet, Engineered, Hardwood, Laminate, Vinyl

Please check out of detailled installation instructions "Finish With Flooring" section for complete installation details..

What finished flooring can be installed over DRICORE Subfloor R+?

Add your favorite finished floor - think engineered hardwood, laminate, carpet, vinyl or ceramic tile.

Why are there sometimes variances in the colour of wood in the DRICORE panels?

Colour variances are natural and not an indication of quality. Variances can be driven by several factors including; the type of trees, the geographical location of the trees and the growing conditions.