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Protect Insulate and cushion your finished floors!


DRICORE SMARTWALL is the easiest and smartest way to finish your basement walls. The all-in-one engineered wall panel requires fewer steps, less time and less labour to finish your basement. Get the job done 5x faster using DRICORE SMARTWALL.

Where can I find the DRICORE SMARTWALL Installation guide?

The DRICORE SMARTWALL installation guide can be found HERE
The brochure can be found HERE.

How are DRICORE SMARTWALL panels sized?

DRICORE SMARTWALL panels weigh just 30 lbs., are conveniently sized (21.75" x 96') and are easy to cut with regular power tools. The panels simply attach to the top of your floor joists and at the bottom to your subfloor using 2" x 2" lumber as your tracks.

What is the difference between the DRICORE SMARTWALL system and a typical drywall build?

Unlike conventional construction methods, DRICORE SMARTWALL OSB framing, R16 insulation, and primed drywall skin, combine into an all-in-one high performance wall assembly. Simply lock panels together to form your finished basement walls.

How do I finish the DRICORE SMARTWALL system?

DRICORE SMARTWALL panels come with micro beveled edges which eliminates the need for taping seams. To achieve that perfect seamless finish simply use DRICORE Patch Pro. Using Patch Pro is easy to apply, paintable, and crack resistant - this will ensure that your new walls look great for years to come.

What tools are required to install DRICORE SMARTWALL

1. Safety Shoes
2. Hand saw
3. Level and Tape Measure
4. Scissors
5. Safety glasses.
6. Drill and screw driving bit
7. Chalk line and plumb line
8. 4" Hole saw (if needed)
9. Two saw horses or stands
10. 2" and 6" Drywall Trowels

Electrical installation

Electrical installation is simplified with integrated vertical and horizontal wiring channels that run through the R16 insulation. A completed SMARTWALL assembly provides a continuous vapour barrier to help seal the foundation wall from unwanted air penetration.