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Do It Yourself

Let DRICORE help you install with ease with these simple yet effective tips

Concrete foundation and floor assessment

The concrete floor and foundation should be relatively dry and free of continued leaks, excessive moisture penetration or flooding problems prior to installing DRICORE subfloor panels.

Leveling your floor

Any dips or low spots in the concrete surface greater than 1/4" should be trowelled with a Portland cement compound to ensure accurate installation.


Determine the amount of DRICORE panels and leveling kits needed to complete the room(s). To do this, calculate the total number of square feet of your floor (length x width). Divide the number by 3.3. This is the number of panels you will need. The DRICORE panel and leveling kit calculator is available here.

Getting set up

Make as much space as you can spare in the area where you will be laying the DRICORE panels. Remember, you ll need space to stack the panels, which should be away from where you begin laying the floor.

Simple tools needed

  • A circular saw and/or jigsaw
  • A hammer and a carpenters square
  • A tapping block and pull bar
  • DRICORE leveling shims
  • A sufficient quantity of flooring spacers to create the proper expansion space between the panel edges and the walls or other fixed surfaces
  • A dust mask or respirator for cutting panels outside
  • A pair of safety glasses for eye protection
  • A pair of knee pads to cushion your knees during an afternoon of installation

Stagger your panels

Be sure to stagger the panel seams by using off-cuts from previous panel row as starting panels. This will save you panels and ensure strong floor support.

Leveling squares

DRICORE Leveling Kits have been designed for use with the DRICORE subfloor system for areas where your basement floor is uneven. They simply fit over the cleats on the underside of the DRICORE panels, raising the panels to the desired level.

Installing an interior wall

An interior stud wall can be set right on top of your new DRICORE subfloor, and is the preferred method of installation. Install your 2X4 frame directly on top of the subfloor, measuring for a "snug" fit between the subfloor and ceiling. See detailed installation instructions for next steps.


Minimize airborne wood dust by always cutting panels in a well ventilated space or outdoors. Promptly clean up any accumulations of wood dust and do not use blow-down or other practices which may generate high dust concentrations when cutting panels.