SmartWall 2022 T2



DRICORE SMARTWALL® helps you save time as you DIY your basement remodel with ease. Prevent moisture and increase efficiency even better than the pros.



  • All-in-one DRICORE SMARTWALL panel is 3x faster to install than traditional framing, insulation and drywalling
  • Consistent, longer-lasting and higher quality finish
  • 29% more energy efficient than traditional framing rated at R-15.1
  • Protects against moisture entering the home
  • Leaves less mess during install with 75% less mudding and sanding when installing with DRICORE Patch Pro
  • Slimmer profile to maximize space
  • Backed by industry certifications

Easy Installation, Designed for DIY

Learn how to install DRICORE SMARTWALL to finish your basement and create a safe and healthy living environment for many years to come.

Features and Benefits

Water vapour is water in its gaseous state, instead of liquid or solid (ice). Water vapour is invisible. In a home, water vapour is harmless, it is when it condenses and forms water that it can become a problem.

In order to help prevent water build up within your walls, DRICORE SMARTWALL® has Vapour Shield Technology (VST) built into every panel. By using expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam, each DRICORE SMARTWALL® panel is factory bonded together to eliminate most air pockets. By eliminating air pockets, which is where water vapour tends to condense, it allows the vapour to remain in its gaseous state, therefore reducing the possibility of water from forming within the wall cavity. This greatly reduces the chance for mold, mildew and rot.

  2. Concrete Foundation
  3. Vapour Drive
  4. Rain Water
  5. Soil

SmartWall Moist

Traditionally framed wood walls lose up to 30% of their insulating capabilities due to an effect called “Thermal Bridging”. Thermal bridging occurs when a conductive material (e.g. wood, aluminum, steel, concrete, etc.) provides a path for heat to flow around insulation. The bypassing “bridging” of the less conductive material significantly reduces its effectiveness as an insulator. This is why many traditionally built walls have cold spots.

DRICORE SMARTWALL® virtually eliminates this “thermal bridge” by effectively encapsulating the framing in each panel within the rigid EPS insulation. This makes DRICORE SMARTWALL® an energy efficient product that you can use to finish your basement.


The “effective” R-value of DRICORE SMARTWALL® is R17. To obtain the same “effective” R-value from a traditionally built wall using 2×6’s, a R24 batt insulation would need to be installed – that is a 29% loss in efficiency. The encapsulated framing also features a tongue and groove design which allow the panels to join together to form a complete wall.


The DRICORE SMARTWALL® system has unique Easy Wire Channels built into every panel that allow for the installation of electrical wiring. There are two vertical and three horizontal channels running through DRICORE SMARTWALL®. These channels can also be used to install audio and video cables.

DRICORE SMARTWALL® has been certified for Electrical Safety to CSA Standard C22.2 No. 203.


Each DRICORE SMARTWALL® panel incorporates a patented “micro bevel” edge, which eliminates the traditional taping stage of finishing the drywall surface. The micro bevel also means that 75% less compound will be used, compared to traditional finishing methods. This results in far less sanding and dust. DRICORE SMARTWALL® has been designed to work only with a specially formulated low-dust compound called DRICORE PATCH PRO®. The combination of the DRICORE SMARTWALL® micro bevel edge and PATCH PRO is what enables the joints to be tapeless.


Quick Calculator

Enter Linear Footage



Linear Feet / 1.8 = Number of Total Panels
Types of Panels: Standard, Outlet, Light Switch - Number of Panels x 0.75 = Number of Standard Panels
- Number of panels x 0.25 = Number of Outlet Panels
- Use Light Switch Panels as needed

- 1qt of DRICORE PatchPro per 10 SMARTWALL Panels
- 2x 5" Screws for Each Smartwall Panel