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Stay Productive at Home With a Basement Makeover

Working from home offers many advantages – from cozy pajama bottoms to no more long commutes. But with constant distractions from family or household chores, productivity can take a major hit when[..]

Activities Families Can Do At Home

With more and more people practicing responsible physical distancing, many of us are starting to feel its drawbacks. With your family less active and with less options to stay busy, it’s easy to r[..]

Finishing Your Basement? Beware of Radon

A basement renovation is a great home improvement project to take on – it creates a more livable space and boosts your property value. But before you get started, take steps to ensure a healthy livi[..]

Avoid The # 1 Mistake on Your Basement Renovation

It’s home improvement season, and that means it’s time to start working on your next project. Whether you’ve recently moved or are fixing up your home, upgrading your basement is a great idea [..]

How to Maximize Your Investment on a Basement Reno Project

A great home improvement project is finishing your basement. That’s because research shows it gives you a major return on investment, providing you great value for your money. Here are some pro ti[..]

3 Key Steps in Basement Renovation Planning

Key steps in basement renovation planning Now’s the time when many of us start thinking about what home improvement projects we’d like to tackle this year. For those renovating their bas[..]

Increase Your Home’s Value by Investing in Your Basement

When it comes to return on investment, a basement reno is one of the smartest home improvements you can make. Whether you’re planning on selling or want to enjoy the space with your family, here a[..]

Expand Your Living Space with a Basement Makeover

If you’re not using your basement for everyday living, you’re losing out on at least a third of your home’s square footage. Here are some tips to transform it into a space where you want to sp[..]

What to Consider When Designing a Basement Apartment

Whether you’re hoping to move in a relative or generate some rental income, building a basement apartment is a great way to add space and value to your home. Make sure this investment is done righ[..]

Is Your Basement Making You Sick?

Mold and mildew are often found in Canadian basements. If you suspect dampness issues are affecting you and your family’s health, you could be right.   According to Health Canada, the[..]

Easy Basement Renovation Projects That Make a Difference

Spring is the perfect time to tackle those DIY projects you’ve been putting off. If updating your basement into a fresh and usable space is on your list, check out these ideas from contractor and [..]

3 DIY Projects to Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

(NC) Besides helping to save the planet, an energy-efficient home can help you save on your monthly hydro bills, making your living environment warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. To get [..]

How to Transform Your Basement From Cold to Cozy

(NC) Basements are one of the most underused spaces in the home, because they’re often dark, chilly and uninviting. But with a few changes, you can turn yours into a functional living space the wh[..]

DRICORE vs. Plywood Subfloor: Which Is Better, and Cheaper?

Keeping a bone-dry floor is essential when finishing your basement. Being below grade, basements have water potentially coming in from all directions: seeping in from foundation walls, dripping f[..]

Bryan Baeumler’s Top 5 Tips To Remodel Your Basement Like A Pro

Bryan Baeumler is known for his hit TV shows such as, “House of Bryan,” “Disaster DIY,” and “Leave it to Bryan.” And while Bryan doesn’t know you, he wants to help you. Because he know[..]

One Room, 5 Easy DIY Upgrades

Renovating your whole house in one shot can be a multi-step, long ordeal with big upfront costs. Instead, consider easy upgrades and quick do-it-yourself projects to spiff up your space. To get you [..]

The Best DIY DRICORE Tips From our Dricorespondents

Winter is a great time to tackle indoor home renovations. After all, ‘tis the season for warmth and comfort. With a little help from DRICORE®, your basement could easily be your favorite space th[..]

Contractor Tips: 7 Things You Need to Know About Basement Remodeling

Earlier this year, Better Built Basements (BBB), a custom basement remodeling contractor in Berlin, Connecticut, started using DRICORE® in their basement solutions for clients. “As far as floorin[..]

What You Need to Know About Older Basement Renovations From a DIYer and PRO

When renovating a basement, owners of older homes often have to contend with different issues than homeowners of relatively new builds. Just ask Kristen, a homeowner and DIY blogger of Storefront Li[..]

5 Tips for Planning Your Basement Renovation

Basement remodels are a smart way to expand your home’s living space. Power and plumbing are already in place and it won’t change your home’s profile. The versatility of a basement space means[..]



Bryan Baeumler (HGTV Host and Professional Contractor)

“In my mind, you cannot finish a basement without putting down DRICORE®. Every house I’ve ever built has DRICORE® in the basement, it’s the only way to do it.” - Bryan Baeumler
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Steve Maxwell (Professional Contractor)

“Nobody wants a musty smell in the house and that’s why I go with DRICORE® Subfloors.” - Steve Maxwell
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Skip Bedell (TV Host and Professional Contractor)

“You never want to put your finished floors on top of wet, damp, and cold concrete. DRICORE® Subfloors gives you a layer of protection to help with moisture and cold coming from concrete.” - Skip Bedell
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