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A first time homeowner Sam decided she would finish her basement using DRIcore SMARTWALL, with help from her dad, Sam was able to install 640 sq. ft. in just 8 days. “The SMARTWALL system is incredibly easy for even the most basic first-time DIYer. My favourite feature is the built-in channels for the electrical work, […]

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A contractor for over 56 years Norman has seen and used more products than most. Short on time and requiring a basement space, Norman opted to try out DRICORE SMARTWALL, Installing a 15’x 20′ room by himself in just a weekend left Norman feeling very positive about the product and recommends it highly. See Norman’s […]

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Strapped for time, Greg needed to complete a commercial retail job in just a couple weeks and found SMARTWALL to be the perfect solution to help get the project done on time. “I’ve never seen a product like this on the market before and after reading up about it online, I decided to give it […]

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A young first time homeowner Dan decided he wanted to finish his basement by himself but didn’t feel like he possessed the skills necessary to build his basement using conventional methods. After visiting his local Lowe’s he was introduced to SMARTWALL by the staff. Finishing the job in just 18 hours Dan now has an […]

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With only basic renovation knowledge, Ania and her friend teamed up to install DRICORE SMARTWALL in a 12′ x 15′ room. Using the SMARTWALL Installation guidelines they completed the project in 8 hours with no product waste. Ania now has a beautiful living space and couldn’t be happier with the product.See Ania’s installation below. […]

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Skip Bedell (TV Host and Professional Contractor)

“You never want to put your finished floors on top of wet, damp, and cold concrete. DRICORE® Subfloors gives you a layer of protection to help with moisture and cold coming from concrete.”

Skip Bedell

Steve Maxwell (Professional Contractor)

“Nobody wants a musty smell in the house and that’s why I go with DRICORE® Subfloors.”

Steve Maxwell

Bryan Baeumler (HGTV Host and Professional Contractor)

“In my mind, you cannot finish a basement without putting down DRICORE®. Every house I’ve ever built has DRICORE® in the basement, it’s the only way to do it.”

Bryan Baeumler