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5 Tips for Planning Your Basement Renovation


Basement remodels are a smart way to expand your home’s living space. Power and plumbing are already in place and it won’t change your home’s profile. The versatility of a basement space means it can be anything from your new family room, home theatre or guest bedroom. In every basement reno, the most important stage […]

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Skip Bedell (TV Host and Professional Contractor)

“You never want to put your finished floors on top of wet, damp, and cold concrete. DRICORE® Subfloors gives you a layer of protection to help with moisture and cold coming from concrete.”

Skip Bedell

Steve Maxwell (Professional Contractor)

“Nobody wants a musty smell in the house and that’s why I go with DRICORE® Subfloors.”

Steve Maxwell

Bryan Baeumler (HGTV Host and Professional Contractor)

“In my mind, you cannot finish a basement without putting down DRICORE®. Every house I’ve ever built has DRICORE® in the basement, it’s the only way to do it.”

Bryan Baeumler