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How to Maximize Your Investment on a Basement Reno Project

A great home improvement project is finishing your basement. That’s because research shows it gives you a major return on investment, providing you great value for your money. Here are some pro tips to make the most of your makeover:


Know when to hire a pro. It can be tempting to DIY many basement reno jobs to save on costs and maximize your investment. Some tasks are simple for you to do, such as painting and flooring installation. But be careful—for specialized tasks such as HVAC and electrical it’s much better to make the investment and hire a professional to save yourself headaches and money in the long run.


Protect your investment. A basement reno can be expensive, so you want to make sure you’re building on a base that allows the natural moisture in your concrete foundation to evaporate and not seep into your finished floors.  This starts with a quality subfloor such as DRICORE®, which creates an air gap and barrier between the concrete and your finished floors, which allows the moisture to naturally evaporate, helping to protect against from mold and mildew, and even small water leaks. It also insulates against cold, hard concrete to keep your floors feeling warmer and softer to walk on. A quality subfloor that helps protect against the ever-present moisture a concrete basement floor emits, is a critical step in your basement renovation, and it can help you enjoy a comfortable basement year-round.


Plan to add value. When deciding on your new layout and what to include, prioritize spaces and projects that give you the best ROI. For example, adding a kitchen and three- or four-piece bathroom will make your basement much more functional. These updates are also huge draws during resale for buyers looking for a multi-family home or to use the space as a rental property.


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